Joshua L, Brisbane ~ 2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type A


I wanted to post up an honest review of my experience with the import process and Geoff.

I bought my car a few months ago now. I was pretty on top on what I wanted down to model, year, acceptable colours and even finding all the cars I wanted to bid on online by myself.

At 1AM on a Sunday morning after a few I was browsing the auction cars and I came to the decision I absolutely must bid on this car I found. I sent Geoff an email with enough details to get the ball rolling and then went to sleep.

First thing in the morning Geoff called me and the arrangements were made that he would broker my import and to bid on that car. I didn’t win that auction, but less than a week later I won at auction a top of the line model from the final year of production for a very reasonable price. In total I only had to make offers on 2 cars, however Geoff had a handful of cars checked out for me with very short notice.

Throughout the entire process Geoff has been very polite, honest, punctual, he always returns your calls, and will send messages and emails to make sure everything is OK and handled.

Geoff is a genuine automotive enthusiast. He has provided good advice on every part of the import process and worked with me to help me find and import exactly what I wanted.

If you think you want to import your own car I would highly suggest you get in touch with Geoff.

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