Ian C, Sydney NSW ~ 2016 Nissan Leaf 30kWh X

Leaf X 30kWh front

Leaf X 30kWh front

Hi Geoff,

Just letting you know that I picked up the Nissan Leaf on Monday, and I am absolutely blown away by the car, it’s incredibly fun to drive.

After receiving it from the compliance workshop I was able to top it off at the mall in Rhodes, and it drove back to Port Kembla with no trouble. It’s so fast off the mark, silent, and I haven’t yet paid a cent for any fuel.

I did get a first-hand feel for Australia’s EV infrastructure after initially going to the NRMA fast charger to find it faulty, then driving to Sydney markets to find that one faulty as well.

If you recall the SOH was 81% but it still gives me 180-190km for a full charge with my regular driving. I’m using L1/2 chargers only since getting it home.

I haven’t had the language changed on the infotainment and it doesn’t pick up local FM, but I can pair my phone for online radio anyway.

Your service was excellent and the process beats buying from a local dealership. I’m sure when I’m looking for my next EV you’ll be hearing from me!

Regards, Ian

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