Ara G, Sydney ~ 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T 2.5L turbo coupe

The Nissan Skyline R34 was an awesome awesome car, it was the best car I have ever owned. I kept it for 7 years … absolute trouble free, reliable, unique and a great drive.

It was hard to let go of, but with a growing family had to eventually trade it in … in the end after 7 years of good use ended up getting $14K trade in at a dealer, which was bloody good … considering it was a an import landed for $25K, 7 years earlier.

For now I now drive around in a Golf GTI which I bought brand new, but with a growing family we need a bit more room. That plus the fact that the German built VW has already started to develop squeaks and rattles I never experienced in my Skyline!! …

Right now I am having a look at the people movers (something with three rows of seats) and the officially available range on the Australian market is just awful … I don’t really like what I see. They are terrible value and very very low tech.

Was thinking about an E51 Elgrand a few months back but it is way too large for my wife to drive around so having a look at the Delica instead, which is a bit more compact.

Have been looking at the Delica D5 (2007) at the Parramatta dealerships … but I am a bit suspicious of the KMs having been wound back and tampered with by the Australian dealers. And now having done a back of the envelope calc with your import price calculator based on the recent auction prices you just sent through I don’t quite know how they (dealers) could offer their cars at the price they do without having wound back the KM’s (and make a profit).

So once the wife test drives the Delica … and gives me the OK … I will go down the private import path again and rely on the Japanese auctions rather than the unregulated import dealers here.
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