Andrew H, Brisbane ~ 2003 Stagea RS FOUR 2.5L turbo & 2005 Elgrand

I would just like to give my unreserved recommendation to Geoff and his team at Prestige. Late last year I started the quest to look for a E51 Elgrand for the family. After my great experience some years back finding a Stagea RS FOUR with Geoff’s help it was a no brainer to rely on his expertise again. From beginning to end my interaction with Geoff was nothing short of professional. He was prompt, proactive and nothing seemed to phase him.

I knew enough about the import process to be dangerous. Like a typical guy I did not RTFM in the beginning and was making some really bone-headed picks. It would have saved everybody a lot of time if only I read through the material Geoff provided. If it had bothered him Geoff never showed and he patiently repeated the info I needed to make better picks.

There were many occasions when less than ideal vehicles showed up and being somewhat in a hurry to find a car it was tempting to lower my standard just to have something to bid on for the day. Against his best interest Geoff always talked me into walking away from a less than ideal pick. He could have easily taken advantage of my desperation for a vehicle but that never crossed his mind. He said more than once it’s about finding a car I am happy with and he really meant what he said.

The car we found was everything I set out to find, and then some. The right year, low Ks, had the right equipment and very very clean. The final price tag was right on budget and that’s including everything, tyres, on roads, the lot. The gentleman from the compliance shop could not stop remarking on how clean the car was. When my wife saw the car she could not believe it was 10 years old, it’s a stretch to say it feels brand new, but we could not be happier on how clean the car was. Like most imports the car came with many hidden goodies, we are still finding every little thing that came with the 2005 Elgrand. It was an exceptionally good score.

Geoff took care of everything up until the point the compliance shop receive the vehicle, and I mean everything. There was not a point in time I was lost for what to do and all the detail in the background, Geoff and his team took care of it. I know some people think twice about paying a fee to an agent but I can honestly say it’s worth every cent. Twice he chased down some extra savings – one over air con degassing the other over a reduction on customs. He saved me hundreds of dollars that a lesser agent would have probably deemed not worth their time and I probably would not have cared if I didn’t know. Geoff is the best in the business and he took the time to make sure I did get the savings I am entitled to. It’s these little things that makes Geoff’s service exemplary in the industry.

As long as Geoff is offering his service, I will not be buying a car any other way. If you can afford the lead time and a bit of patience, I whole heartily recommended importing your own car through Prestige Motorsport.


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