I live in Tasmania and I am in the market for an R32 Skyline. I have read the websites of quite a range of importers but would like to use Prestige Motorsport because yours is much more professional and I have a couple of friends who have received top quality vehicles through you before.

I’d like to try out your Auction Search System free trial. Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing from you and possibly dealing with you in the very near future 🙂


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Before I picked up the Starion I got Shannons to insure the car over the phone — they said they would do it for $10,000. I went into their office today and they upped it to $12,000, that’s how good they think it is. They said they’d never seen one as clean. Thanks so much !

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I imported a very clean Stagea through Prestige Motorsport for a great price about a year ago and I am now looking at buying an EVO 7. I hope you can help me to find one in equally nice condition.

— Morgan

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Hey Geoff,

I’m really happy with the JZX100 that you got for me, but I’m wondering when the JZX110 will be eligible for import ? 🙂

cheers, Kyrin



All is good. Thanks for the great service, I’d definitely use Prestige again and recommend you to anyone.

Could you let me know what V36’s are available ? 😉



Thanks again for your help Geoff. Will definitely use you again… if I get bored with the GT-R 🙂


1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

Hi Geoff,

I received my 1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GTR the other day and it runs like a dream. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done. If any other people I know decide to import I will definitely be mentioning you name.

Thanks again,


V35 coupe front left

I have previously imported several cars through Prestige including a Celsior, V35 coupe and a rare 1997 Soarer V8. I will be using you again to import a JZX100 as I was very happy with your service.

Thanks in advance !



I imported a yellow Lancer EVO 7 GSR through Prestige a few years back and it’s been great.

I am now after a Skyline, looking forward to dealing with you again.

– Henry


Thanks for the information about importing a Subaru Legacy. I have heard nothing but positive feedback about your customer service and reliability so I look forward to doing prompt business with you.

Regards, Steven

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Mistubishi GTO

Hi Geoff,

I imported a nice Mistubishi GTO through you before, but it was an older model. I am now looking for a late 1998 GTO with the wide mouth front bumper and the big evo style rear bar. I would also prefer factory sunroof, twin turbo and 6 speed in silver. Hope you can help me out again like last time !

– Anthony

2001 R34 GT-T coupe

Just a quick email to let you know that I have received my 2001 R34 GT-T in great nick and in good time, just like the 1993 Supra before that. Many thanks Geoff for your service – this is the third car I have imported and is by far the most painless of the three experiences (the last two have been with you).

Big hats off to the compliance workshop also for great work and actually returning phone calls and doing work right on time – quite refreshing considering past experiences with compliance / car workshops generally.

Cheers guys and a Merry Xmas to you !

– Jay

Nissan Silvia modified

The modified 1989 Nissan Silvia with GTR engine is awesome and we are very happy! We took it for a drive last night and it certainly goes fast!

It’s pretty hard to drive as its got a twin or triple plate clutch in it… but i am sure it will be great out on the track.

So we just wanted to say thank you! We are very happy with the car and very happy with your service. We have certainly recommended you (and will keep doing so) to everyone that wants to import a car, particularly a beast Silvia like this one!


— Jo

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R33 GTR import

I’m looking for some advice about an R33 GTR import.

A few friends of mine have bought Skylines through you and haven’t had a problem, so you come highly recommended! 🙂



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Aeriel Atom red

You have been in business for a long time now and a lot of the compliance people here in Sydney recommend you with confidence as well.

Geoff, I have a difficult one here. I am sure that your wealth of knowledge can help with this.

I am looking to import a Brand New car from Germany to Sydney port.

It’s called the Ariel Atom.

Not too sure what process would be involved for a brand new car such as this ?

I have all confidence in dealing with you as you come highly recommended by many people. Let me know what you think about the viability of an Ariel Atom import.



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1970 Hakosuka GTR

Hey Geoff,

Justin here. I imported an R32 GTR through you a couple of years back.

I’m actually overseas at the moment, working on multi million dollar private motor yachts as an engineer. I’m getting a nice collection of cars and parts while I’ve been away.

I was wondering what an average condition 1970 Hakosuka GTR 2 door Skyline would cost to import ?

Also what do you think will happen with R34 GTR prices over the next few years ?

The R32 GTR was great. Looking forward to import with you again !



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R34 GT-T 2.5L turbo coupe

I imported an R34 GT-T 2.5L turbo coupe through you and was very happy with your service.

Loving the car !

R34 GT-T 2.5L turbo coupe 2

1989 Mercedes Benz 190E LTD front

I imported a black 1989 Mercedes Benz 190E LTD through Prestige. Great car ! Would definitely do it again. Condition, kms and price were all so much better than local options.

– Mark

1988 Mitsubishi Pajero interior

Just a quick note to let you know we picked up our 1988 Mitsubishi Pajero on Monday from the wharf and we are extremely happy with it.

It is currently being complied and all being well should be available for us tomorrow.

Once again thanks for all your patience and assistance with the purchase of this vehicle and we look forward to dealing with you again.

– Janette