2003 Estima G

Thanks Geoff for the awesome car and outstanding service you’ve provided throughout the process of sourcing my 2003 Estima G Premium. My 3rd import from you over the last 10 years and you are as good today as you were 10 years ago. Thanks mate.


Delica D5

Thanks for all your help sourcing the D:5, Geoff…you are right – I love the car !

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The Nissan Skyline R34 was an awesome awesome car, it was the best car I have ever owned. I kept it for 7 years … absolute trouble free, reliable, unique and a great drive.

It was hard to let go of, but with a growing family had to eventually trade it in … in the end after 7 years of good use ended up getting $14K trade in at a dealer, which was bloody good … considering it was a an import landed for $25K, 7 years earlier.

For now I now drive around in a Golf GTI which I bought brand new, but with a growing family we need a bit more room. That plus the fact that the German built VW has already started to develop squeaks and rattles I never experienced in my Skyline!! …

Right now I am having a look at the people movers (something with three rows of seats) and the officially available range on the Australian market is just awful … I don’t really like what I see. They are terrible value and very very low tech.

Was thinking about an E51 Elgrand a few months back but it is way too large for my wife to drive around so having a look at the Delica instead, which is a bit more compact.

Have been looking at the Delica D5 (2007) at the Parramatta dealerships … but I am a bit suspicious of the KMs having been wound back and tampered with by the Australian dealers. And now having done a back of the envelope calc with your import price calculator based on the recent auction prices you just sent through I don’t quite know how they (dealers) could offer their cars at the price they do without having wound back the KM’s (and make a profit).

So once the wife test drives the Delica … and gives me the OK … I will go down the private import path again and rely on the Japanese auctions rather than the unregulated import dealers here.

Hi Geoff, all good here, hope you’re well. Thinking of moving up to the next model series, I think its 2005 to 2008. Note the last one was 2003, it had 58,000 kms and is in great condition so you have set the bar high. Please let me know my prospects, thanks.

I bought a Toyota Supra and a Soarer through your service way back in the early 2000’s. Both cars were great, thanks.

MGT4-new wheels-DSCF0051m2

I used Prestige Motorsport way back in 2004, very happy! I still have the ST165 GT4 you helped me import, I will never ever sell it 🙂 Your services are 2nd to none!

Mitsubishi Airtrek

It’s been interesting watching the prices but my circumstances have changed and sadly I’m no longer in the market for an import at the moment.

However I’d like to thank you very much for your help and your time in answering all my queries – it’s much appreciated.

Anyone who wants to know about importing a car will always get a good word from me about Prestige Motorsport.

Received the car on Friday. Very happy with it. Thanks for all your help.
Thanks for all the help.


Saw the car, looks very good! Just need it all complied, etc now…

Glenn 2

I have used your company before to import a MR-2 track car and have been more than happy since. I am now in the market for a EVO GT-A 2002. I would like to see what is around at the moment and prices in Japan.

This car is actually for my wife with the only requirement it being white. There are many “would like to have”, though i am sure these will be detailed over time. I would appreciate feedback regarding the process from here and look forward to doing business with you again.


I wanted to post up an honest review of my experience with the import process and Geoff.

I bought my car a few months ago now. I was pretty on top on what I wanted down to model, year, acceptable colours and even finding all the cars I wanted to bid on online by myself.

At 1AM on a Sunday morning after a few I was browsing the auction cars and I came to the decision I absolutely must bid on this car I found. I sent Geoff an email with enough details to get the ball rolling and then went to sleep.

First thing in the morning Geoff called me and the arrangements were made that he would broker my import and to bid on that car. I didn’t win that auction, but less than a week later I won at auction a top of the line model from the final year of production for a very reasonable price. In total I only had to make offers on 2 cars, however Geoff had a handful of cars checked out for me with very short notice.

Throughout the entire process Geoff has been very polite, honest, punctual, he always returns your calls, and will send messages and emails to make sure everything is OK and handled.

Geoff is a genuine automotive enthusiast. He has provided good advice on every part of the import process and worked with me to help me find and import exactly what I wanted.

If you think you want to import your own car I would highly suggest you get in touch with Geoff.

Just letting you know that the car arrived safely on Monday. Nothing was missing, but there were some scratches on the right front wheel. Not so bad considering the journey the car took.

Thanks for you help with everything.

Justin O

The 2007 Nissan Skyline V36 350GT Type S sedan worked out really well. The W2 “paint wave” mentioned on the auction report is non-existent. I have polished the car and there is not a wave or anything. The rest of the car is very clean and well presented the interior still smells like new.  It is a very powerful car. The compliance workshop also did a very good job.

As for the 1988 Soarer turbo, that was the best made car I have owned !


I still have the 300GT premium with Bose which served me well a few years now and would like your help again to upgrade my V35 coupe to a V36 coupe.

Well, it’s been a very long journey (just shy 6 months), but the car has finally arrived.

All in all, it was totally worth it!

Thanks again for all your help through the process it has been very much appreciated.

I went over the pits without any hassle and the whole process took about 45 mins. I spent most of that time chatting to the office staff trying to find out how fast the car can go.

I’ll happily recommend your services to all my jealous friends.

1986 Toyota Landcruiser
I imported a Landcruiser through you back in 2002 and she’s still going strong. Thanks for the great service !


It’s been nearly 4 months since you guys helped me bring in my EVO 8 MR into Australia and I have to say I am more than happy with the quality of what I got. People ask me how I managed to get such a high grade vehicle when I never left the country during it’s auction. I tell them without hesitation that it took patience, trust and a professional and truly human outfit to help source me what I was looking for.

Above and beyond the fee we paid Prestige, I am very grateful that we did business with you and wish you and the guy(s) that attended auctions in Japan on our behalf, a merry Christmas and a good New Year.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who asks us about the process I went through.

One happy customer.

2011 Nissan Skyline V36 coupe

Thanks Geoff, I would like to extend my free trial as the car I am looking for must be there somewhere !!!

Has been great to see the cars and what they go for, work out the total cost, massage the numbers for things I didn’t expect and then move to the next example.

* Image for example purposes.


Still loving the V35, it exceeded my expectations !

V36 Skyline sedan red

Hi Geoff, I really appreciate your honest opinions and time. I think i’ll try looking around the local car market, eg. car sales etc. as the $10,000 budget was already pushing me. Again thank you very much for your prompt reply and when I’m in the market for a better car Prestige Motorsport is the first place I’ll go.

* Image for example purposes.

601243 DSC01568

I have imported a few cars with you now, still owning a 300ZX brought in by you a while back now.

I have been considering possibly importing a Toyota JZX100 Chaser. Could I see what you have in auction for the month trial and I will go from there.


Free Auction Alerts Trial

Hi Geoff,

Unfortunately I have purchased a new car, I bought a 2009 Honda Accord V6 (somewhat different to what I was originally looking for) although I wanted to say how I appreciated the great service you have provided, I found you to be the most thorough and informative when it came to approaching different car importers. The online trial you provide was great, I’d always look forward to seeing what car was selling in a few hours, knowing that what I was searching for came straight to my email which I could check on my phone in bed! 🙂

Anyways thank you for your service 🙂

1990 Nissan Skyline R32 Gts-t Front

Thanks for your help, pleasure doing business with you again.

Who knows, in another 5 years I might be back for a third !


DSCF0154 (Small)

Just wanted to let you guys know that the Mustang got delivered Wed 22nd.

It rolled out of the container looking surprisingly clean and shiny and none the worse for wear after 2 months at sea.

All the spare parts were there as well, so I couldn’t be more pleased.

Some mud on the back tires caught the attention of the quarantine inspector but it wasn’t enough to hold things up (thank God).

Many thanks and have a great Christmas.

Check out this youtube video of me starting the car for the first time.

1990 Nissan 300ZX twin turbo 2+2

I’ve imported a 300ZX TT through you a few years ago and all of my friends have used you at some point for importing Jap cars.


Just to let you know I went and registered my V35 today. It all cleared and passed and I drove it home!

You have made this just so easy and such a smooth transition and I appreciate it immensely.

Just want to thank you again for all the help! Awesome stuff!

Thanks again!! Love the car.

01-06-11 - a

Hi Geoff,

Just wanted to let you know the car arrived safely. It was delivered to me through the week & I’ll be getting it in for the compliance work to be done shortly.

It’s made it over with no shipping damage & nothing missing. I’ve already passed your contact details on to a few other people.

Thank you for finding such a good car for me, so far very happy!

6-2-2011 003

Hi Geoff

Just a quick line to thank you for your assistance in getting the Skyline for me I am very pleased with it.

I have nothing but awesome praises for your company after you sourced my 2008 Toyota bB. Have a mate who is interested in an EVO 6.5 so I have recommended you 😉