Toyota Alphard Welcab 10 & 20 Series (2002 to 2014)

2002 to 2014 Toyota Alphard Welcab 10 & 20 series

Toyota Alphard Welcab 10 and 20 Series

(2002 to 2014)

Model Information and SEVS eligibility

Toyota Alphard Welcab 20 series

Several models of the 2002 to current Toyota Alphard and Vellfire (same as the Alphard but with more aggressive sporty styling) are eligible for import to Australia under SEVS, based on being either a Hybrid or a Welcab / Welfare vehicle with disabled access features.

Please note we only source regular Alphard and Vellfire hybrids (not welcab / welfare versions). 

This page focuses on the Alphard Welcab 10 and 20 Series models made from 2002 to 2014.  If you are interested in other choices please see:

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Toyota Alphard Welcab and Vellfire Welcab 30 Series (2015 to current)

Toyota Alphard Hybrid 20 Series (2011 to 2014)

Toyota Vellfire Hybrid 20 Series (2011 to 2014)

The Toyota Alphard has remained Japan’s best selling people mover for much of the time since its first release in Japan in 2002.

It is larger and has more luxury options than the Toyota Estima / Tarago but uses the same 2.4L and 3.0L engines in the Alphard 10 Series with 4 speed automatic transmission (or 5 speed auto for later models) while 2.4L and 3.5L engines were available in the Alphard 20 Series.

The same engines are used in familiar Australian sold models including the Camry, RAV4, Avalon and Tarago, meaning that most parts are readily available.

The current SEVS import regulations for Australia allow the Toyota Alphard Welcab (also known as the Toyota Alphard Welfare) models to be imported on the basis of disability access. These Alphard Welcab / Welfare vehicles are factory fitted with disability features so they are purpose-built for wheelchair and disabled passengers in typically professional Toyota style.

Several options were available of which the first two options shown below can still be easily used as a regular passenger vehicle with occasional use for disabled passengers or the elderly who may have trouble getting into and out of the vehicle.

Toyota Alphard Welcab with side lift up seat

The side lift up seat variants are very much like a normal Alphard other than the slightly thicker base for the seat which houses the electric mechanism. As you might imagine, the seat operates in the normal way for regular passengers when the feature is not in use.

Toyota Alphard Welcab

The seat can be optioned in either the front or second row. It operates electrically to pivot the passenger and then lift them out of the vehicle to within a few centimetres of the ground.

Toyota Alphard Welcab side lift seat operation

Toyota Alphard Welcab with built in detachable wheelchair

This model can also be used as a regular passenger vehicle but is more suited to those who require regular transport of wheelchair passengers.

Toyota Alphard Welcab wheelchair

The wheelchair is built into the vehicle and lifts in and out electrically, locking securely in place once in the vehicle.

Toyota Alphard Welcab wheelchair

It can be located in either the front or second row of seats.

Toyota Alphard Welcab wheelchair

The wheelchair itself is self-powered and electrically operable with a joystick once separated from the vehicle.

Toyota Alphard Welcab Sloper with rear electric ramp

This specially designed and factory produced wheelchair accessible vehicle is known as a Sloper due to the rear sloping ramp.

Toyota Alphard welcab ramp

Toyota Alphard welcab sloper

Toyota Alphard welcab sloper

The system can be controlled remotely from outside the vehicle as well as from a button near the driver’s knee.

Toyota Alphard welcab sloper remote controls

The Alphard Sloper models have been cleverly designed by Toyota with a flat floor and other features to make them an ideal transport option for disabled passengers.

Toyota Alphard welcab sloper flat floor

The rear of the vehicle hydraulically lowers while the ramp is also gently lowered to touch the ground.

Toyota Alphard welcab sloper ramp

Toyota Alphard welcab sloper ramp

Toyota Alphard welcab sloper ramp

This allows a wheelchair to be easily loaded up the gentle incline and securely strapped into the rear with the factory retractable restraints built into the vehicle.

Toyota Alphard welcab sloper retractable wheelchair restraints

Clients we have sourced these for have reported back that they feel very safe compared to other alternatives they have experienced where there was quite a lot of movement and discomfort. Also commented upon was that the local aftermarket alternatives they had used previously were not only a lot more expensive than the Toyota Alphard Welcab, but the feature level was significantly lower than the factory designed welcab model from Japan.

When the ramp is retracted it takes up very little space, leaving ample room for luggage behind the rear seats. The elegantly-designed ramp is made of aluminium so is both lightweight and strong.

Toyota Alphard Welcab Features

In addition to the special Toyota Alphard welcab features, the Toyota Alphard comes with HID lights, push button start and intelligent key with keyless entry as well as various factory options including:

Seating for up to 8 people or 6 plus wheelchair occupant

Dual electric sliding doors

Radar cruise control

Front and side cameras

Parking sonar

Lane departure warning system

Dual sunroof

Leather seats

Power curtains

Multiple airbags

ABS brakes

Traction control

Brake assist

Electronic Braking Distribution (EBC)

Dual zone climate control

Power curtains

CD player/stacker

Power folding mirrors

Steering wheel controls

Adjustable suspension (sport and soft options)

Interior lighting

Front and rear fold down display screen

Split folding rear chairs

View past Toyota Alphard welcab examples with prices — search for ‘Welcab’

Toyota Alphard Welcab prices

It can be difficult to find Toyota Alphard welcabs for sale at Japanese auctions if you are not used to knowing what to look for.

Please contact us for assistance and we will let you know the little tricks to find them !


Toyota Alphard welcab side lift wheelchair

Toyota Alphard welcab Modelista white

Toyota Alphard Welcab interior

Toyota Alphard Welcab black

Toyota Alphard welcab engine

Toyota Alphard welcab front

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