How to Import a New Car to Australia

Want to import a new car to Australia ?

Disappointingly, on 16 August 2017 the Australian Govt. announced they would not follow through on their 2016 promise to allow the parallel import of new cars.

This would have introduced competition into the new car market and allowed the Australian consumer to directly import their own vehicle at international pricing.

We can still assist you to directly import a new car to Australia providing that it:

  • was not sold in full volume by the manufacturer

  • meets one of the six new SEVS eligibility criteria

See 2019 Import Regulation Changes Media Release for full details.

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The most cost effective way to import a new car from Japan is to source ex-dealer stock vehicles at auction in either new or near new condition.

This generally saves 10-15% off the new price for the current model year and as much as 30% for 2 to 3 year old vehicles, as well as saving the 8-10 week production time for a new car order through the manufacturer.

import a new car to australia

Please note that the following information was posted in March 2016, and reflects the Govt. plans at that time.

From 2018, changes to the Vehicle Import Regulations will make it possible for you to do just that.

Private individuals will be able to personally import a new car to Australia for themselves every 2 years.

This will apply to new cars and motorcycles from another country with comparable standards to Australia’s (including Japan and the UK).

The vehicle must:

  • be a motorcycle or right hand drive passenger vehicle

  • be less than 12 months old, and;

  • have no more than 500 km on the odometer

You will be able to import 1 new car every 2 years under the new car import rule.

How we can help you to Import a New Car to Australia

Our reliable agents in Japan and the UK can order a new car directly for you from the Dealer in those countries and ship them to major Ports of Australia by your choice of roll on / roll off car carrier or container.

Your new car will be ordered to your exact specifications, with option selections explained and translated for you if required.

If suitable Dealer floor stock is available we can negotiate the best price for you, this could save a considerable amount off the new price.

We can also source suitable cars directly from auction which are still in new condition at even lower prices.

Full pictures and description are provided to you for every car.

Once our agent receives payment they will organise export to the Port nearest you and we will provide your shipping schedule and paperwork.

Keys, original documentation and small accessories will be posted to you by reliable EMS with international tracking information provided.

Our recommended Customs Agent will undertake clearance for you on arrival in Australia, and organise delivery to you.

The price you pay for your new vehicle is simply the actual cost to buy and import plus our low fixed service fee.

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