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Year: 2018
Mileage: 8
Trans: Automatic
Colour: White
Price: $122,000

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Read about import eligibility for the 2015+ 30 Series Hybrid Alphard & Vellfire. Want a new facelifted Alphard Hyrbid ? This NEW 2018 Toyota ALPHARD HYBRID AYH30W 2.5L 4WD Executive Lounge with 8 kms was sold at HAA Kobe on 17 February 2018 for 8,130,000 YEN FOB. It had LED roof lighting plus the optional JBL sound system worth about 600,000 Yen, and is listed as an example of prices at that time for this condition of vehicle. This should be used as a guide as prices naturally vary over time depending on condition, kms, specification level, supply, demand, exchange rates and other factors. Being a new car, as a year or two goes by these tend to depreciate by about 10 to 15% each year with more savings possible with higher kms. Total price in Australia of this one as an example would have been approx. $122,000 complied plus tyres and ORC's (calculated at a rate of 84 Yen to the dollar and including about $8,000 of Luxury Car Tax). Please note that this vehicle is an EXAMPLE only and is not available for sale. It is intended to provide a good indication of prices at the date listed. We can source for import another 2018 Toyota ALPHARD HYBRID AYH30W 2.5L 4WD Executive Lounge to order (or order NEW direct from Toyota) so feel free to contact us to discuss the specific vehicle you are looking for and current pricing. To see what's available and research prices you can browse past and upcoming Japanese auction vehicles of any model and add yourself to our free email auction alerts trial.

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Generally over time, recent mainstream models tend to become cheaper due to depreciation, while collector models become more expensive due to diminishing supply and greater demand.

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