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NOTE: From Dec 2016 USS auctions stopped publishing SALE PRICES on their system. Since then the only way to know what a vehicle sells for at an auction controlled by USS is to be bidding yourself or by watching the bidding live.

Sales data is available for non-USS auctions and this can still be used for price research.

Genuine kms promise

Prestige Motorsport Mileage Promise

Prestige Motorsport is committed to ensuring that you get what you pay for.

For your peace of mind we provide the original JAPANESE EXPORT CERTIFICATE for every vehicle sourced. If the Export Certificate does not support the odometer reading on the vehicle, we will REFUND OUR FEE in full*Read more…

We cover over 70 online Japan car auctions and 140,000+ vehicles every week

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About the online Japan Car Auctions

The Japan Car Auction System is the cheapest source of cars in Japan with more than 70 online auctions and 140,000+ vehicles every week. Our agents cover the best Japan car auctions, translate Japanese auction sheets and carefully inspect each car to ensure quality.

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What We Do

We help you to select and import your own car from the large choice at the online Japanese car auctions each week. We are on YOUR SIDE from start to finish. All vehicles are physically checked by our reliable agents on the ground at auction, with full details and pictures provided and discussed with you on auction day. Read more…

Japan Car Auction Examples

Browse upcoming Japan car auctions, past auction car sale prices and real auction inspections undertaken for clients. Read more…

Japan Car Import Cost Calculator

No hidden costs ever ! We started this business in 1999 to protect other enthusiasts like us from being overcharged and misled. Our Import Cost Calculator sets out the costs of importing a Japanese car in detail. We work through this with you to determine your budget.

Preparing to Bid at Japan Car Auctions

The Japanese car auctions have amazing deals every day but things move quickly so it’s necessary to be ready and waiting for the right car. Read more…

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Monitor upcoming Japan car auctions with ease using our Japan Auction Alerts System. Simply enter your email address and select a vehicle model. Read more…

Please Note

You need to become a client by paying our service fee prior to a suitable vehicle coming up on auction day to enable us to inspect and bid for you.

Japan car auctions move quickly and most auction vehicles come up with limited notice.

We recommend you prepare in advance once you have decided to use our service

  • See What We Do for more information about our Japan car auction inspection and import service